Helen Hollyman

Are you an existing digital media platform looking for an editorial, creative, or social tune-up?

Are you a food, beverage, travel, or lifestyle brand looking to connect with new customers and enhance existing customer experience?

Here’s an amuse-bouche (teaser) of our services below, but get in touch for the whole enchilada.


Digital Strategy

Helen Hollyman Inc. specializes in scaling digital platforms, developing a strong sense of brand identity, and creating cutting-edge visual storytelling for the food, beverage, lifestyle, and travel spaces. Our company works with clients—from start-ups to longstanding large-scale companies—to create premium customer and audience experiences in the digital media and product spaces and deepen the connections between identity and brand loyalty.


Helen Hollyman Inc. works with clients to develop a strong brand voice, visual identity, style guide, copywriting, and clear systems to cultivate, discover, and engage with new customers/audiences while enhancing the existing loyal customer/audience experience.

Creative Direction

Helen Hollyman Inc. brings a collective of seasoned talent with twenty years of media experience collectively to create treatments, art direction, and cultivate a strong visual sense of brand identity.